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Dr.Sameera Gupta, a physio-occuptional therapist, specialist in sports medicine, weight loss management. Currently Head of Dept. at Physio Flex Centre, a rehab and wellness centre at Sujay Hospital. She has built on a unique concept- The Power of 360° – that delivers beauty, health and weight loss with the power of physiotherapy. With unbelievable effective results in no time.


To Turn Around & get back at life try…
‘The Power of 360°’ (Created by Dr.Sameera)
A first-of-its-kind proven method of Analysis, Treatment & Results in medically routed wellness.

Analysis: We analyze the root cause of health related issues to a pre-existing health problem.

Treatment: We use permutations and combinations of various scientifically proven methods of wellness, physiotherapy, with state-of-the-art machines and nutrition programs to treat ailments and simultaneously help you gain health and youngness.

Results: We renew your life, making you look young, slim-fit and more confident.

Dr. Sameera’s PhysioSlim Clinic analyzes the root cause to treat the ailment and manage
weight loss gracefully, delivering health, inch loss and weight loss with the power of physiotherapy.

We specialize in PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENTS for all types of bone and joint problems for quick and easy recovery from all types of pain, swelling, muscular spasm and increase range of motion. Active and Passive forms of exercises are done under medical supervision.

Treatments are done by latest equipments.

For Slimness By Physiotherapy