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Specialized Treatments through Specialized Techniques

Non Surgical Inch Loss & Weight Loss
A Scientific method to cut down the unwanted fats om the body while maintaining a slim-fit & healthy you.

Ultralipolysis : Cellulite break down & fat mobilization
•Aids weight loss by mobilizing fat & reduction of fat cells.
•Reduces cellulite, stimulates metabolism & lymphatic drainage.

Muscle Stimulator: Inch loss, Spot Reduction, Toning, Firming & Tightening
•Deep treatment into tough body tissues & muscle fibers for continuous contraction & relaxation of muscle.
•Passive exercise to tone firm, tighten muscles for that inch loss, fatloss.

Active Exercises
•Posture improvement throught increasing muscle tone in over stretched muscles.
•Improved body contour by muscle tightening for a slimming effect.

•Healthy, customized diet plans that first improve the underlying Health problem leading to eventual weight loss.

Instant Party Shape up
So you have a party to attend but cant fit into your favourite top?? You want to wear your backless gown but hate the side flesh hanging on back. Rest assured. We will make the evening for you. With our advance anticellulite products in combination with electrotherapeutic massages for an accurately firm, lifted, toned spot reduction. You can lose upto 3-5 inches in 1 sitting itself.